Partners from Lette Verein (Berlín) (health branch)

On February 5 and 6 we received a visit from faculty members of the health branch of Lette Verein Secondary School in Berlin, Germany. Specific seminars were prepared to share and learn new laboratory techniques used for our students and we share teaching experiences. Within the framework of this project of job shadowing, we visit Fundació Barcelona – Xarxa FP, where the teaching staff explained the operation of Vocational Training in Catalonia and Barcelona. Later, we visit the Biomedical Research Center of Sant Pau Hospital , a reference and pioneer center in biomedical research. In addition, various activities were prepared at the institute, different classes were taught in English, laboratory techniques and cytological anatomy were shown, and teaching methods used in the classroom were exchanged, ….
The stay was very rewarding, the teachers take their pockets full of knowledge and experience, and the collaboration continues to grow and share with other European institutions.